12.12.17 {Smith’s Olde Bar Music Room venue 12:00-10:00}

As the story goes…Linus was the son of Apollo and he had such a bold spirit in him that challenged the system of the kingdom. They say that he challenged the system so much that King Hercules killed him with his own lyre… The reality is we each have that pioneer, John the Baptist spirit exploding inside of us ready to see the truth revealed.

You are more then a myth. You were created to be a undeniable living story.

“Art is not a market to be conquered or to bow before. Art is a holy pursuit. Artists risk everything in everything they do. Risk is what separates the artist from the artisan. Art is not a career, it is a vocation, an inclination, a response to a summons.” –T Bone Burnett

Calling all worship leaders/songwriters/creative innovators/dreamesr/doers/worshipers.

To inspire and be inspired.

To engage in songs and stories.

To share conversations.

To share in communion.

To be Linus.

To be Hope

This gathering will be hosted at SMITHS OLDE BAR

**Jason will be speaking and leading worship at this event**

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