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Grammy Award winner and acclaimed Native American Bill Miller joins Jason on “Great River Road”, “Chop Down the Tree”, “Return to Me”, and “When It Thunders“. His chants and flutes lend a mysterious quality to the CD. “Bill doesn’t play just because he’s asked,” says Jason. “He wants to feel connected. And you can really feel that on these songs.”

One reviewer of the CD writes as follows: “The Great River Road music (which to no minor degree includes Upton’s pure-as-gold, melancholy heart cry) transports as much as it transcends. Peaceful and tranquil, moving and romantic and rustic and real, the title track opens the proceedings with understated strength and conviction, effortlessly capturing Upton’s complex vision even as it flies you gently across miles of virgin prairie: I was born where the rivers run / Native blood runs through my veins / I was born where the eagles come / Waiting till the winter fades…”

Jason says, “This CD says a lot about what God has been trying to show me over the last several years: about entrusting myself to His will and purpose. I’ve had to be more vulnerable with my audiences and that has caused me some hurt. There’s been a risk and a cost, but I believe it’s the only way to get the eternal truth across. And I found that the more I pressed into that, the more I found my sound.” As a first we’ve added a special enhancement to the CD: just slip it into your computer and watch Jason take you through the stories behind each of these songs. This 2+ hour video makes it abundantly clear that tall of these songs are, in fact, messages put to music.

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