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Jacob struggled most of his life to gain worth, ownership and recognition. He stole, he lied, and he wrestled all in a strife-filled attempt to be somebody. He never realized that in striving to be somebody he was actually neglecting the very person God created him to be, His friend. So God never blessed Jacob while he was striving, lying, competing, or cheating… but rather while he was sleeping. These songs were given for the purpose of calling a generation back to intimacy with their Father. In history there have been few things more terrible than people who try to fulfill the great commission without first having understood God’s loving acceptance of them. As was the case with Jesus, before He healed a lame person, fed the thousand, or raised the dead, he first heard His Father’s voice call out from heaven, “You are My beloved, and in You I am well pleased.”

Recording Days at Dark Horse Studio, August, 2002 After our recording sessions in Nashville in August, one of our band members, William Clark, wrote the following about the experience: The old man who made his living by carving beautiful and ornate designs into huge wooden doors was asked, “How do you know when it’s finished?” “When they come to take it away”, he responded. I fear you have come to take away “The Days at Darkhorse”. Though if you were to leave it with me, I might never finish, because how do you fully describe an experience like that ? I could go on carving and touching and pondering forever, and never render a fitting description.

Nevertheless… here it is. “The Days at Darkhorse” The days at Darkhorse are ones that I am sure we will never forget. Even though what you are about to hear is a collaboration of immense proportions, the experience of it was such a light yoke and an easy burden. From the peaceful atmosphere so carefully cultivated by the studio owner, to the expertise of the engineers, to the wisdom of the producer, to the prayers of hundreds of intercessors, to the heart of the musicians and singers, to the precious words from the Father… all of this was so powerfully yet delicately orchestrated by the Holy Spirit into the worship experience captured on this recording. Just as soon as we had gotten settled in, the Holy Spirit began to move so strongly through the place, and the intimacy we felt with Jesus moved us so deeply that all we could do was abandon ourselves and respond to Him in worship. Eighteen hours later, we had captured eighteen songs. (We had reserved the studio for four days, but wound up only using two.)

There were times when we were literally unable to play or sing, having been overcome with emotion. There were times when friends who had stopped by to pray, found themselves in an intimate embrace with the Father, weeping and worshiping Him along with us. And there were times when we sat in rapt wonder and just listened as the Lord of all creation responded through the thunder and the rain. The days at Darkhorse were such a precious and overwhelming experience of Him. But it was just a small taste of what He longs for us all to know. Our deepest prayer is that by worshiping Him along with us, you truly come to know Him and how passionately He loves you and cares for you. God bless you, from all of us at Key of David.

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